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Smart DC Charger

Smart DC Charger
Smart DC Charger

Electric Vehicles Series

Smart DC Charger is a high power charger with dual output and dual charge, handing out the loads, suitable for CBD or public areas. The product consists of human-machine interaction part, power module, internal control system, communication module and charging cable assembly.

Main Features
•  It is modular and can be expanded without changing the cabinet.
•  This charger allows simultaneous charging of 2 vehicles by distribution the charging power.
•  Communication: OCPP 1.6 - Open Charge Point Protocol.
•  Composed of charging module, power interface, charging interface, protection module,
   control module, measuring module, HMI, cabinet, etc.
•  Charging management function, HMI can display charging mode, charging current, charging
   voltage, charging time and account information.
•  The charger can dynamically adjust the charging mode according to BMS charging voltage
   and current character. The charging output is adjusted by the request of BMS, when the
   charging current requested is larger than the current output range in constant power charging
   mode, the charging current should output according to the maximum allowable current value
   of the charger.
•  Intelligent power distribution function, in case of fault of individual module, the module can be
   separated without of affecting the normal operation of the charger.




  • Easy Maintenance
  • System Power Module
  • Controller Module
  • Power Allocation Module
  • AC-DC Power Module
  • Automatic ECO, Energy saving
          de Energía< 5W
  • APP (Controller)
  • Module Remote Upgrade Function
  • Remote Diagnosis Function
  • Original CHAdeMO & CCS
          de EnergíaController
  • 4 sets Axial Fan
  • Replaceable Filter


MODEL 60 kW 120 kW 150 kW
Dimensions (L x W x H) 750 x 530 x 1685 mm
Weight 275 kg 310 kg 328 kg
Input Voltage 3 - Phase 380 VAC ± 15% (3 Ph + N + G)
Maximum Input Current 118 A 225 A 278 A
Input Frequency 50 ~ 60 Hz
Input THDi ≤ 5%
Input Power Factor > 0.99 at a nominal output power
Output Current Range (Two output) 2 ~ 100 A 2 ~ 200 A 2 ~ 250 A
Output Voltage Range DC 200 ~ 750V (DC 600 ~ 750V in Constant Power Mode)
Power Module 30 kW x 2 pcs 30 kW x 4 pcs 30 kW x 5 pcs
Efficiency > 94%
Module Output Current Unbalance < 5%
Module Output Voltage Ripple < 0.5
Module Output Voltage Precision < 0.5%
Module Output Current Precision < 1%
Enclosure Rating IP54
Operational Temperature Range -25°C to 50°C
Altitude < 2000 m
Operational Humidity Range 0% to 95% no-condensing
Noise < 65 dB
Connector Communication Mode In accordance with DIN 70121 and ISO 15118 standard
Connector Interface and Standard CCS2 (IEC 61851-23) and CHAdeMO 1.0
Cable Assembly Length 5 m
Connector Output Maximum Single Mode CCS2 (60kW)
CHAdeMO (50kW)
CCS2 (120kW)
CHAdeMO (50kW)
CCS2 (150kW)
CHAdeMO (50kW)
Maximum Double Mode CCS2 (30kW)
CHAdeMO (25kW)
CCS2 (60kW)
CHAdeMO (50kW)
CCS2 (90kW)
CHAdeMO (50kW)
Platform Communication OCPP 1.6
Network Connection LAN; GPRS 3G / 4G Option
Authentication Method RFID / QR-code / Remote command
User Interface 7- inch HD screen
Power Distribution Single Plug Mode / Average Output Mode
Safe Charging Mode Smart charging mode to prevent the misoperation of human factor
Interlock The interlock between the charger and BMS
Interface Safety Protection Circuit discharge function, Insulation monitoring device (IMD), Battery reverse connection protection
Emergency Stop Disconnect the charger and EV to prevent emergency incidents
Charger Safety Protection Over / Under voltage, Overload, Output power limit function, Short Circuit, Anti-access,
Earth Leakage, Lightning, Overheat protection
Technical Standards IEC 61851-1-2011, IEC 61851-23-2014, IEC 61851-24-2014,
IEC 62196-3-2014, ISO15118-2-2014, DIN 70121-2014

Product specifications are subject to change without further notice.