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LiFePO4 the Ideal Choice?

LiFePO4 the Ideal Choice?

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Imagine a storm hits and the power at your house goes out. Fumbling your way through the darkness for candles temporarily rewards you with a little light, but doesn’t solve your energy problems. If the power goes out, the right energy storage system is more than convenient; sometimes, it’s necessary.

When you think of energy storage, you’re likely thinking of traditional generators, which are cumbersome, require a lot of maintenance and fail to provide clean energy. But, there is a better product on the market for your application energy needs: LiFePO4 batteries.

LiFePO4 powers your home or business just as well as generators, while still providing safe, green energy. So, how do you know if LiFePO4 batteries are the right choice for power when the electricity is off?

Answer the following 8 questions to the best of your knowledge and discover if lithium-ion is ideal for your energy storage system requirements:

1. When your electricity goes out and you need power, would you prefer an eco-friendly power source?

2. If you were purchasing an energy storage system, would safety play a role in your selection?

3. Do you find it inconvenient or dangerous to store combustible fuels often needed for traditional generators?

4. Is the water for your home or business supplied by a well?

5. Besides a phone or light source, are there other electronic devices you might need during a power outage – medical equipment, television, computer, tablet?

6. Are there remote areas in your home or business that need electricity?

7. Would you prefer an energy storage system for your home or business that does not require extensive maintenance?

8. Would you invest in LiFePO4 power sources, the durable, green, safe alternatives to traditional generators?