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FUS Series

This series of fuses are suitable for AC 45-62 Hz, rated voltage 500-690 V, and rated current up to 1250 A. Mainly used as electrical circuit overload and short-circuit protection (gG/gL), it can also be derived as short-circuit protection (aR) and motor short-circuit protection (aM) for semiconductor equipment and its complete sets of equipment. The rated breaking capacity is up to 120 KA. This series of fuses comply with the national standard GB13539 and the international electrical standard IEC60269.

▪ Rated voltage: AC 500 V-690 V
▪ Rated current: 4 A-1250 A
▪ Use category: gG/gL
▪ Breaking capacity: AC500 V / 120 KA, 690 V/50 KA
▪ Reference standard: GB/T13539, IIEC60269