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Fuse holders

Fuse holders
Fuse holders


MF-PORT-FUS horizontal fuse switch disconnector is suitable for short circuit protection and overload protection of cable and power equipment of the distribution system.

In the case of a short circuit, the current can be broken by the fuse link inside. With the features of high isolating function and high durability, MF-PORT-FUS Horizontal Fuse switch disconnector can withstand high short circuits.

Features & Benefits
▪ High isolating function.
• High durability.
• Withstands high short circuits.
• 1-pole version.
• Allows checking the state of the fuses through a transparent cover.




Model Rated Voltage
Rated Current
Recommended Fuse Link Model/Size Data Sheet
MF-PORT-FUS160V2 690 160 NH00, NT00
MF-PORT-FUS250V2 690 250 NH1, NT1

* Product specifications are subject to change without further notice.