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Charger 7kW

Charger 7kW
Charger 7kW

Charger 7kW - AC

Main Features
•  Provides 7kW power at 32A single phase.
•  Suitable for all electric vehicles.
•  RFID access, LED static indication.
•  OCPP compliant embedded communication system.
•  These intelligent units are managed remotely over Ethernet access to the internet or OCPP
   service to operate.
•  Ideal for commercial locations, such as car parks, retail and business parks, hotels
   and fleet depots.
•  Typically found at a workplace or on-street location.




MODEL Ground Mounting - 7kW Wall Mounting - 7kW
Data Sheet
Input Voltage (AC) 220 V 230 V
Maximum Input Current 32 A
AC Charging Output 7 kW
Mounting Ground Wall

Product specifications are subject to change without further notice.